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Jan 2016 Introducing: ProT2™ MHC Class II Tetramers
Apr 2015 ProImmune Introduces ProSentium™ a Unique Peptide Sequence Database to Investigate T Cell Immune System
Jan 2015 ProImmune Introduces ProM2™ Human Class II MHC Monomer Reagents to Study CD4+ T Cell Immune Responses

Jun 2013

New podcast from Dr Nikolai Schwabe: Introducing Propresent®

Jan 2013

ProImmune publishes review article on T cell epitope discovery in Drug Discovery World

Dec 2012

ProImmune publishes article on managing immunogenicity for commerical advantage in Drug Discovery Today

Nov 2012

ProImmune launches ProStorm®, an in vitro cytokine release assay to help predict the likelihood of first infusion reactions

Aug 2012

Immunovaccine publish citing the use of Pro5® Custom Pentamers in a first-in-man study

Sanofi Pasteur publish a study citing ProPresent® Antigen Presentation Assay

ProImmune publishes review article about iNKT cells in Immunology

Apr 2012

ProImmune features in a major study into unwanted immunogenicity, published in the journal Blood

ProImmune Announces Launch of B cell ELISpot Assay Service: For characterization of adaptive immune responses

Mar 2012

ProImmune Announces Launch of Special Assay Service: Bespoke immunology assays based on ProImmune’s proprietary platform technologies

Jan 2012

BBC News Story: HCV Vaccine Innovation by ProImmune Customers

Dec 2011

ProImmune Joins EMTICS Research Consortium to provide characterization of cellular immune responses.

BBC News Story: Cancer Immunotherapy breakthrough by ProImmune Customer

Nov 2011

ProImmune Publishes White Paper ‘Managing Immunogenicity Risk Through Assay-based Rational Drug Design and Selection’

Crucell accesses ProImmune's highly sensitive CFSE whole protein DC-T cell assays to compare the T cell antigenicity of a panel of therapeutic proteins

Oct 2011

GlaxoSmithKline accesses ProImmune's REVEAL® Immunogenicity System to profile the physical MHC Class II binding characteristics of a set of peptides

Sept 2011

ProImmune Launches ProPresent®: The first commercially available service for direct identification of antigens

Application and Product News

May 2017

Mastering Immunity 6 in Boston: Registration now open


Apr 2017

Introducing HLA typing by next generation sequencing (NGS)


Mar 2017

ProPresent® Antigen Presentation Assay: See the epitopes that T cells can see


Feb 2017

MHC Pentamers used by team at GSK to study mRNA vaccines that can protect against several Flu strains


MHC binding assays used to study relevance of citrullinated peptide T cell epitopes in Rheumatoid Arthritis


HLA type and clinical outcome could be more closely linked than you may think


Jan 2017

NIH team uses MHC Pentamers to investigate fatal brain stem pathology caused by CD8+ T cells in Malaria


ProPresent® Antigen Presentation Assay used by team at CSL Behring to investigate reduced immunogenicity of sc-rFVIII AFSTYLA®

Nov 2016

DC-T cell assays are  the best way compare the T cell antigenicity of  formulated drugs


Join us for Mastering Immunity Europe 2017 in Oxford on 23 and 24 March 2017


Confirm MHC binding predictions with our leading ProImmune REVEAL assays


Validate new CD8+ T cell epitopes with our cost-effective ProVE MHC Pentamers


Oct 2016

B cell epitope mapping with ProArray Ultra helps you find the best (or worst) bits in any antigen quickly


With our MHC class II tetramers you can track your antigen-specific CD4+ T cells with confidence


Our immunocytometry service delivers custom immunology  assays that help you get answers faster


Sep 2016

HLA typing for your clinical study world-wide


First infusion reactions: don't let them blow you away!


Identify peptides presented by MHC directly by sequencing mass spectrometry with our unique ProPresent antigen presentation assay


ProMap CFSE assays: the gold standard for mapping naïve CD4+ T cell responses


Aug 2016 Pro5 MHC pentamers used in study that links low levels of Tim-3 in HTLV-1 infection with neurological complications


June 2016 Navigate the hazard of first infusion reactions with your industry leading cytokine release assay

Immuno oncology: find out how we can help you succeed in cancer immunotherapy
May 2016 Pro5 MHC pentamers used in key study to show HIV causes T cell exhaustion marked by TGIT

HLA typing may be the most cost effective way to add value to your study

With 80 human Class II Tetramer specificities finding the CD4+ T cells that matter in your setting just got easier

We can help you get the most from your cell samples with our flow cytometry assay service
Apr 2016 DC-T cell assays are the best way to uncover subtle antigenicity differences of formulated proteins

Find the best (or worst) bits in any antigen with our convenient B cell epitope mapping service

View our podcast on how antigen presentation assays can help you understand adaptive immunity in your situation
Mar 2016 ProT2™ MHC Class II Tetramers - available now

Choose the gold standard for mapping naïve CD4+ T cell responses
Feb 2016

ProT2™ MHC Class II Tetramers - order now for delivery in March

Jan 2016

First infusion reactions - our industry leading cytokine release assay helps you navigate the hazard

How to track antigen-specific CD8+ T cells in immune oncology

How can I see what T cells can see? By using our experimental self-peptide database.

ProT2™ MHC Class II Tetramers - pre-order now

Get the complete picture on MHC restriction and population impact with our market leading MHC-peptide binding assays


Dec 2015 ELISpot - perfect for measuring recall responses

Naturally occurring MHC presented peptides show how your T cells can see you

Convenient HLA typing service delivered world-wide

Nov 2015 Formulated protein antigenicity is best compared with our CFSE DC-T Cell Assay
Oct 2015 ProImmune REVEAL® MHC peptide binding assays used to investigate link between flu jab and narcolepsy

Team at Pfizer uses ProPresent® DC-MS antigen presentation assay to investigate mechanisms leading to clinical immunogenicity

HLA type - understand how it links to clinical outcome

Class II MHC monomers for tracking antigen-specific CD4+ T cells
Sep 2015

The best way to test whole compounds  for their impact on pivotal CD4+ T cells

Cost effective, definitive validation of CD8 T cell epitopes

Free drug or plate bound Cytokine Release Assay - it's up to you.

All ELISpots are not created equal...

Aug 2015

Confirm MHC peptide binding properties with the world's favourite MHC binding assay system

ELISpot assays: what could go wrong

HLA type your study: gain extra insight on outcomes and reduce the risk of study failure

July 2015 Identify peptides presented to T cells directly with our antigen presentation assay

MHC Pentamers - the most trusted technology for detecting antigen-specific CD8+ T cells

Detect antigen-specific CD4+ T cells with our new Class II MHC products

June 2015

HLA typing recommended by FDA for immunogenicity assessment

The most sensitive T cell antigenicity assay


ELISpot assays are best done at our leading core facility

May 2015 Pro5 MHC Pentamers used in study to link T cell activation of NF-kB with tumor control in vivo

Our class II MHC Monomers are ready to use in tetramer analyses of CD4+ T cells

Apr 2015

See the peptides that T cells can see

ProImmune Introduces ProSentium a Unique Peptide Sequence Database to Investigate T Cell Immune System


Investigate the specificity of helper T cell responses with our  ProM2 Class II MHC Monomers


Mar 2015

Class II MHC Monomers for use in tetramer analyses of antigen specific CD4+ T cells now available for ordering


First infusion reactions can be investigated with our cytokine release assay for making better informed decisions


Physical HLA-peptide binding assays with over 50 alleles for DR, DQ, and DP


Feb 2015

Class II MHC monomers for tetramer staining of antigen specific CD4+ T cells.

Develop targeted therapies for cancer using MHC Pentamers


Jan 2015

Measure Protein Antigenicity with CFSE DC-T Cell Proliferation Assays