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ProM2® MHC Class II Monomers Press Release

List of Catalog ProM2® MHC Class II Monomers

List of Catalog ProT2® MHC Class II Tetramers


Figure: Structure of

ProM2® Monomer

ProM2® MHC Class II Monomers, biotinylated

Detect and separate single antigen-specific CD4+ T cells


Best in class MHC Class II Monomers

ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers are pre-biotinylated and can be readily made into MHC Tetramers that allow you to detect single antigen-specific CD4+T cells accurately by flow cytometry. Class II Tetramers made from ProM2® Monomers can also be used to separate cells for culture, expansion and further study. Using ProM2® Monomers you can study CD4+ T cell immune responses in depth in a wide range of disease areas including autoimmune disease, cancer and infectious diseases. ProM2™ MHC Monomers are made by ProImmune's experienced team who have been providing superior MHC reagents for more than 15 years now, including our world-leading Pro5® MHC Pentamers. Catalog ProM2™ Monomers are dispatched within 1-2 days for stock items, and 3 weeks for available items.


Healthy donor PBMC cultured with peptide Negative contol

Figure: PBMC from healthy donor stained with DR1/HA tetramers made from ProM2® Monomers of the same specificity.

Traditional functional assays for studying antigen-specific CD4+ T cells, such as proliferation or cytokine secretion, are not truly antigen-specific. The detection of CD4+ T cells has  been difficult, due to the low frequency of these T cells (down to 1 in 100,000 white blood cells) and the low avidity of binding between the MHC-peptide binding complex and the T cell receptor. The optimized manufacturing process for ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers helps to address these issues by improving reproducibility and sensitivity of CD4+ T cell detection.

ProImmune provides ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers  with responsive, expert technical support and customer service. Contrary to ordering class II tetramers from in-house or non-commercial facilities, customers do not need to apply and wait for reagents or supply any peptide. ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers are delivered quickly with stringent quality control and low batch-to-batch variability. As such ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers complement ProImmune’s existing Pro5® Class I Pentamer technology for detecting antigen-specific CD8+ T cells.

Available Quantities

35ug, 100ug.

Fluorescent Label

ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers are delivered in kit form with a choice of standard R-PE or APC labelled streptavidin to conjugate to.  Alternatively  customers can conjugate ProM2® Monomers to any other suitable avidin or streptavidin reagent.

Catalog ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers

A broad range of MHC Class II complexes specific for a wide range of infectious diseases such as Influenza, CMV, hepatitis B and C, HIV, EBV, as well as cancer-related epitopes are available as ProM2® Monomers. Catalog ProM2® Monomers are despatched in 1-2 days for Stock items, and 3 weeks for Available items.

List of Catalog Class II Monomers

Custom ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers

Custom ProM2® Monomers for your allele/peptide of interest are available within approximately 6-7 weeks from ordering. Peptide sequences are subject to prior evaluation by ProImmune for binding. Once a peptide sequence is accepted for custom synthesis we will synthesize both the peptide and MHC monomer reagent.

Available Alleles

HLA-DR1 (DRB1*01:01); DR2 (DRB1*15:01); DR3 (DRB1*03:01); DR4 (DRB1*04:01); DRB1*04:02

DRB1*04:05; DR5 (DRB1*11:01); DR7 (DRB1*07:01); DR9 (DRB1*09:01)

Fully compatible technology

ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers can be used together with other Class II Tetramer reagents which customers may already have established in their labs.

Features of ProM2® Class II MHC Monomers

  • From the most experienced commercial providers of MHC multimers

  • Proven technology for detecting antigen-specific T cells

  • Broadest range of catalog items available

  • Flexible labelling options

  • Long-term storage

  • Industry leading customer service from immunologists who understand your work



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