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T cell ELISpot Assay Service

Outsource T cell ELISpot Assays to the Experts

ProImmune provides a seamless, high-throughput, core facility service for measuring cell mediated immunity in qualified T cell ELISpot assays for IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-4, IL10, IL13, IL-17, Granzyme B, and many others.

T cell ELISpot

Save yourself the cost and effort of setting up these time-consuming assays in your lab. Let our experienced team do the work for you, with high reproducibility and rapid turnaround. We have the capability to process tens to hundreds of samples in a project in a high throughput format, freeing up your time for core work and project planning.

By relying on our team to carry out your assays using optimized and validated protocols, you can avoid the pitfalls of variability in cellular assays and benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of a dedicated facility.

When set up correctly, the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISpot) assay is highly reproducible and sensitive cellular assay, particularly suited to high-throughput analysis of antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell immune responses. It can allow detection of a secreted cytokine at the single cell level, as low as 1 cell in 100,000. For these reasons ELISpot is now a very widely used assay standard for monitoring T cell immune responses and validating new T cell epitopes.

Carrying out ELISpot assays in-house, particularly with inexperienced staff, can require significant effort and can be time consuming with variable results. You can now save time and resources, and minimize risk by relying on the expertise of ProImmune’s experienced team, who perform these assays routinely using optimized and standardized protocols with minimal variation.

Multi-center clinical trials pose the challenge of collecting, shipping and processing samples in a way that ensures consistency and repeatability. Sample logistics and preparation is probably the most important step in setting up successful assays for monitoring cell mediated immune responses. We have the experience and the capability to collect your samples wherever you are in North America and Europe and process them for maximum uniformity; sample preparation and shipping.

We have developed a streamlined service that makes outsourcing ELISpot rapid and very affordable compared to other commercial providers. Our assays are based on simple standardized formats, which follow this step-by-step process:

(1) Customer cryopreserves cells in accordance with optimized protocol recommended by ProImmune or optimized customer protocol.

(2) ProImmune collects cells from customer site using our trusted shipper (customer may also use their own shipper)

- ProImmune carries out HLA tissue typing as an option if required
- ProImmune carries out
custom peptide synthesis as an option if required

(3) ProImmune thaws cells with optimized protocol and carries out ELISpot assays in accordance with one or more of the following assay formats:

a. ELISpot assay for detecting CD8+ and CD4+ T cell responses on frozen unmodified PBMC.
b. ELISpot assay for detecting only CD4+ T cell responses on frozen PBMC that are depleted of CD8+ T cells after thawing.

(4) Customer receives assay report and data; in addition to full analysis, the assay report includes raw data and images from the automated ELISpot reader.

On request these processes can be adapted to any additional or alternative requirements.

The delivery time for results will vary depending on individual project requirements, but unless your project is large scale (10s of plates) we expect to offer a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks including peptide synthesis and shipment of cells.

Unlike other CROs, ProImmune has an unparalleled depth of experience in measuring adaptive immune responses. We also believe that time and efficiency are of the essence, which is why our service is designed to deliver unrivalled responsiveness, quality without compromise, and is more affordable than you may think.

Download 'The Essential Outsourcing Decision Guide for Cellular Immunity Assays'