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Introduction to ProImmune


Rapid Antigen Characterization Platform

ProImmune REVEAL & ProVE® Rapid Epitope Discovery System

Systemizing Vaccine Discovery

Ebola virus case study


B Cell Epitope Discovery System

B Cell Linear Epitope Mapping Service

ProArray Ultra® Custom peptide and Protein Microarrays


Immunogenicity Risk Management

ProImmune REVEAL® Immunogenicity System

ProPresent® Antigen Presentation Assay


In Vitro Cell Mediated Immunity Assays

Cellular Analysis Services


HLA Tissue Typing Service

typeHLA Tissue Typing Service


Pro5® MHC Class I Pentamers

Simian Pentamers

Pentamers in Cancer Research

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry


Human and Mouse CD1d Tetramers

CD1d Tetramers


Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Custom Peptides and Peptide Libraries

Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Prospector Custom Peptide Libraries

ProMix® Pre-mixed Peptide Libraries

ProArray Ultra® Custom peptide and Protein Microarrays